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That’s one of the reasons our clients tell us they get better results when they measure social media using the same models as other marketing channels. Do you want to continue your media efforts in 2021? We surveyed 11,189 marketing professionals to find the most effective ways to generate traffic, bring in new customers and acquire new clients in 2021. Based on media metrics, the team identified tailored content development opportunities for each channel. After analyzing how different content formats performed on different media platforms, the museum began taking a differentiated approach. While industry best practices offer some basic advice – such as always including photos or video in posts – the reality is that people want to interact with different types of content from different brands on different social platforms. In this guide to social media advertising, you’ll learn how to use different types of social media advertising to achieve real business results and maximize spending. That’s why both social marketers and senior executives cite reducing the organic reach of social media as their biggest concern for the future of social media. It’s a way to compare their effectiveness in social marketing with results from search, email and other digital channels. Based on conversations about trends in research channels and media, the team developed a social media advertising strategy that highlights existing skincare offerings that appeal to budget-conscious shoppers. The museum’s initial media efforts focused on cross-posting identical content across multiple channels. This strategy was a resounding success, and social advertising quickly became a major media investment for the Clarins brand. Download the full Social Trends report for a detailed analysis of the data you need to develop your social strategy in 2021. In this article, you’ll learn which media metrics really matter, why they matter, and how to follow them to make better decisions. For companies that successfully use media to connect with their followers, social metrics are more than just a means of demonstrating channel influence. More than ever, companies are eager to use media to achieve measurable results.

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