Singer Calls US – “But on June 6 as the strikers stormed

“But on June 6, as the strikers stormed the nation’s most valuable ballot box, wavingOld Glory,’ the memo came: the American flag is a substitute,” Gray wrote in an article for MarketWatch, referring to the presence of American flags during the Capitol assault. Gray then gave his opinion on the flag, which is a successful combination of Democratic views, such as granting statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with politically correct views on the skin color of his fellow citizens. Jack Davis is a freelance writer who has worked for the Western Journal since July 2015 covering the campaign leading up to President Donald Trump’s election. “President Biden, Mrs. Harris and members of Congress: the American flag was hijacked as code for a certain belief,” he said. “What if the stripes weren’t white? What if there had been 52 stars, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico? What if the stars were the colors of each of us – the color of your skin and mine – like the melanin scale? The blue square symbolizes vigilance and perseverance, and the red stripes symbolize courage. Singer Macy Gray compared the American flag to the Confederate flag in an article denouncing the current flag design. Since then, he has written extensively for The Western Journal about the Trump administration as well as foreign policy and military affairs. “The Confederate battle flag, designed as a symbol of resistance to the abolition of slavery, has been tiresome of late. Gray wrote: “The Smithsonian Institution documents thatwhite’ stripes signify purity and innocence. Singer says the American flag is now the equivalent of the Confederate flag and needs to be redesigned. “Assuming the representatives in D.C. are African-American and the representatives in Puerto Rico are Hispanic, you could end up assuming that these elected officials are Democrats. Both were rejected because, according to the state, elected officials from any district can hold seats in the House,” they wrote. What if those elements stayed on the flag? What if the flag looked like this?” – they wrote. According to Gray, “Old Glory” no longer represents democracy and freedom.

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