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Jeffrey Moore uses this term to describe the gap between a small part of the market that is populated by people who like to take the first step and a large group of people who want to participate in something that is proven, popular and effective. So each of us must persevere and continue to appear in the market, do our job and gain the trust of those who do not have the pleasure of being first. Thus, the gap is closed not at the expense of fancy advertising or smart propaganda, but at the expense of the fact that people who are involved in this do a generous job, telling others. The smallest viable audience is enough to make a difference, and this allows me to focus on people who want to make a difference. This is why the 8000 people who signed up after the first launch decided to get involved. That’s how our culture changes when first adopters tell others. This week we started the first lessons of the tenth marketing seminar. Readers of this blog know that I am doing my work on early adoptions. This is the most popular Akimbo platform workshop with more than 10,000 students attending. But when it inspires early adoptive parents, they spread the word. Not everyone is the first to come. And it works. Welcome back. I don’t think anybody knows.

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