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Are you ready to make the most of content curation and use it for your own WordPress site? You’ll love Enterprise and its integration with WordPress. To integrate content with your WordPress site, go to the theme you want to use and click the integration tab at the top of the page. Next, you need to link the selected content to your WordPress site. The options are endless, and makes creating content in WordPress easier than ever. Use your existing theme, plugins and integrations. Instead of having to rebuild the site to display third-party content, you can use everything you’ve always used, including your templates, all your WordPress settings and even javascript trackers. Scoop. your feed reader is exactly what you think it is: a feature that lets you create a list of feeds and keep track of new content that appears in those feeds. Creating content in Scoop. is the first step to getting good results. Searching for content in Scoop. This is an engine with boolean search modifiers. Use the Scoop bookmarklet. it to turn your browser into a content gathering engine. Scoop. it are the main containers for selected content and you can add content to them in various ways. Automatic publishing on social networks. When you publish new articles of your chosen content, you can automatically share them on your social media channels to attract traffic to your domain. The first step is to set up as a content curation center. This will help you build trust with your audience and publish new content, saving you the time and attention needed for quality work.

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