Reputation X – One last tip for a man or woman: if you

One last tip for a man or woman: if you really want to find and develop a new generation of good ideas, organize short and regular brainstorming sessions with your colleagues. The Reputation X team is a collection of online reputation experts who work in the areas of content planning, reputation strategy, search engine marketing, social media, technical public relations and other esoteric areas. During the best brainstorming sessions the idea is “not rejected”. “They can be divided into good, good and big ideas. Brainstorming a reputation management strategy is a fashionable model. Don’t worry if you only use a small amount of material from these strategies, or even if you talk about it during weekly brainstorming sessions. However, restricting brainstorming or limiting the scope of its results does not mean that you must permanently disable your creativity. Every reputation management campaign involves brainstorming. Although they should be more creative than regular rehearsal parties in the conference room, brainstorming is ultimately a meeting. To separate the good from the good, you need to ask questions. Many of them are very similar: trees can be grouped by species and species; brainstorming strategies can be freely classified as Socratic and many others. Depending on your goals, 20 or 30 minutes is probably enough to develop good ideas and prepare the ground for the next project or session. The goal is to brainstorm with minimal fatigue.

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