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RSS Podcast Marketing with Jake Thompson In this episode of the podcast Channel Marketing Feed Jake Thompson, manager to stimulate daily interviews with the Competition. This episode of Duct Tape Marketing podcast is presented using WordStream, online advertising is made easy. In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I interviewed Nathan Hirsch, co-founder of OutscourceSchool. RSS Marketing with Kim Beesley In this episode of Duct Tape Marketing podcast, I interviewed Kim Beesley. Duct Tape Marketing podcast covers all aspects from getting recommendations to time management and performance improvement. Nathan had 8 characters with his partner Connor Gillivan and a team of 35 virtual rock star assistants. When the transition to the new owners was over, other entrepreneurs started asking Nathan if he could teach them how best to hire virtual assistants. Then he entered the Amazonian store for 25 million dollars, which sold toys and baby products, but still had problems hiring help. If you know that your small company needs marketing, but doesn’t have the time or resources, don’t look further. Nathan started selling school books in his “own” room before he discovered the Amazon. The VA team took care of everything from CS to billing, podcast studies, mastering, recruiting and much more. The lessons and frustration he experienced in creating his virtual army of assistants made he realize that he needs a better system. FreeeUp started at $5,000 in 2015 and reached an annual turnover of $12 million in 2019. It’s so easy to spend time and money on online advertising. That’s when he opened the virtual phase.

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Steven has over 12 years of internet experience, from design, to programming to internet marketing. It's his background in branding and marketing that led him to the path of protecting his clients reputation online, a specialized field that he has received years of training. When he is not researching the latest online marketing trends, you can find Austin meeting with clients and working to deliver businesses the results they need.