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Until 2016, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center did not have a coordinated method to ensure that online business lists were accurate, to collect patient feedback or to respond quickly to patient feedback. If companies have a system for managing these aspects of online reputation management, the results can be excellent, as shown in the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center case study. Since August is National Wellness Month, it’s a good time for healthcare providers to take stock of their online reputation management strategy and learn to manage these tasks more effectively while achieving results that exceed expectations. offers a unified set of online reputation management tools that allow companies to easily manage all aspects of their online reputation through a centralized control panel of powerful tools. Obtaining and managing patient feedback is essential to managing online reputation in hospitals. The accuracy of location directories has been increased to 100%, facilitating the work of potential customers and improving the search engine optimization of the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center. In addition, the reputation offered. com has provided examination alerts to help staff respond as quickly as possible to patient examinations, often resulting in the cancellation of negative examinations and increased patient retention. also facilitated the collection of patient evaluations, resulting in a significant increase in exam volume. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to learn more about online reputation management, we invite you to download our Reputation of Medical Care Report. Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center is located in the Alamogordo region of New Mexico. It is a not-for-profit intensive care hospital serving 30,000 people. Join thousands of your colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, search engine optimization, customer satisfaction and more. From a central dashboard, lists of hospital companies and physician associates could be managed quickly and efficiently to ensure that information extracted from Google’s business lists was accurate, consistent and up to date. Online reputation management doesn’t have to be too complicated. Online reputation management is more than just a star rating. It is influenced by the accuracy of company entries, the collection of feedback, and the way companies respond to ratings.

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