Maybe you’re thinking “Wait Not all pageviews or

Maybe you’re thinking, “Wait! Not all pageviews or marketing channels are treated the same when it comes to conversion! You’re right. Depending on the type of assignment report you want to do, different marketing efforts will be credited differently – and the ability to credit more or less certain parts of the conversion process is where the magic happens. An assignment report is used to understand the path someone takes from the first time they set foot on your site to the moment they become a customer – basically, the conversion path is measured to see what prompted them to convert. To succeed, salespeople need to understand all the factors that affect conversions in the funnel. Want to see how many clues you’ve generated from the blog? Want to see which source generated the most conversions? Do you want to see what content someone saw before “he” or “she” became a customer? An assignment report can answer all your questions about what drives conversions in your funnel. The value of this report is that it allows marketers to identify exactly the marketing effort that drives conversions in the funnel. If you want to understand how the pages or channels displayed prior to conversion are impacting conversion, run a program. This is a special form of marketing assignment that shows how marketers influence the number of leads for a particular campaign. Run an assignment report based on the pages displayed on your site to find out which pages are most frequently visited. If you want to understand exactly what happened at the time of conversion, run another program. This information is summarized in the assignment reports to show how often a blog post was viewed prior to conversion. Start by deciding if you want to retrieve a report based on the URL reference or source. After determining the type of content that generates the most leads, it is important to understand which channels are most successful in generating leads. Marketing attribution is a reporting strategy that allows marketing and sales teams to see the impact that salespeople have had on a purchase or sale.

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