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The brand ensured the message was relevant and interesting by reviewing channel content, citing the history of the Fourth of July, the food culture of the day and a tribute to America natural beauty. TGI Fridays took a different approach to the Fourth of July, focusing less on barbecues and fireworks and more on the various alcoholic beverages at its venues for the public to enjoy. The two biggest themes in the brand’s social posts about the Fourth of July were barbecue and polls, and Walmart used both aspects to find ways to talk about the holiday on social media. This post stayed true to the holiday, reminded the public of Walmart’s relevant services and gave the brand a way to understand what products they would need most that day. A few days before the fourth holiday, the brand asked users what they most wanted to bake, subtly focusing on online ordering and home pickup as a way to get their favorite products. Creating branded content during the vacation season can be tricky, as it can be difficult to strike the right balance between authenticity and relevance to your industry. Here are some of our favorite social media tactics for the Fourth of July this year. The Fourth of July brought us plenty of fireworks, barbecue and hangovers last week. With a short video, Lowes was able to capture the public’s attention and spread the word about the festivities without putting himself in the spotlight. If you don’t know what to say about the holidays or need help finding something to get the public’s attention, we’re here to help. In addition to the influx of poorly shot iPhone videos with local fireworks in the news, many brands have also joined the conversation and found ways to participate in larger conversations. For a channel with all the content, YouTube had plenty of holiday inspiration to offer – Happy July 5th! Yesterday wasn’t enough.

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