In contrast your satisfied customers aren’t analogous

In contrast, your satisfied customers aren’t analogous aggregates-they’re real, live people whose personal opinions, creative insights and use cases can help you better understand what content customers really want to see. And with the advent of online reviews, social media recommendations and comparison tools that can influence every purchase decision, marketers face an uncomfortable new reality: even the most loyal customers can abandon us, their best brand friends, when something new and appealing appears in their social news feeds or in a search on Amazon. For example, emergency equipment provider Redfora has invited its customers to join a private Preparedness Community Facebook group. There, they can get practical preparedness tips, discuss current issues and get expert advice on how to deal with a crisis, such as how to secure their home during hurricane season or stock up on supplies during an extended power outage. When you give them the opportunity to make personal connections with their peers, exchange ideas and discuss interesting topics with other like-minded consumers, they feel more engaged with the value your brand offers. Not only should you monitor customer feedback channels and call logs for distress signals, but you should also prepare content in advance that anticipates and provides solutions to common problems, such as introductory guides, process instructions and FAQ lists.

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