David Hogg Thanks – The king asked for permission to carry

The king asked for permission to carry a secret weapon in a state where he has permission to carry the coat of arms, and he was refused. Carmine Sabia is a political expert, editor and writer. He has participated in several television and radio shows. Last year, a great civil rights leader applied for a licence to carry a secret weapon, which was denied. The King applied for and was denied a licence for secret weapons in the May issue. Let us look at the truly famous brown and black men, starting with former slave, abolitionist and preacher Frederick Douglas. “I have to say this about the big debate over guns and rifles,” he said in his famous 1964 “ballet or bullet” speech. “All I said was that in areas where the government is unwilling or unable to protect the lives and property of blacks, it is time for the black people to protect themselves. “The real cure for the Runaway Slaves Act is a good weapon, a firm hand and the determination to shoot any person who tries to kidnap,” said Douglas in 1854, and if anyone is the best candidate for the gold medal in the pole vault, it is a young gun activist, David Hogg. The National Rifle Association stated that the same opinion was expressed by Martin Luther King, Jr E.B. Dubois, civil rights activist and editor.

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