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Ed Roach, founder of The Brand Experts, a brand management consultancy based in West Limington, Ontario, goes even further and suggests that even if you’re not 100% familiar with social media, you try to study it. Brand management is so important that Reputation Corporation, a Vancouver-based advisory group, reports that 72% of consumers believe that reputation influences their purchasing decisions, 80% of employees accept lower pay for work in a solid company, and 89% believe that reputation is a destructive factor among such products. Brand messaging rules for new media have not changed from traditional channels, but “the game has certainly become better and more interesting,” Roach said. Another aspect that entrepreneurs often overlook, says Dixon, is the reflection on how to maximize the brand’s communication activities that you are using today. Ron Smith, president and founder of Cherokee, a public relations and marketing company based in Cary, North Carolina, agrees that “he” wants to be aware of what is said about you and your brand on the Internet. When you implement and adhere to a brand management strategy, your commitment ensures that consumers, suppliers, and everyone your company does business with can trust you. Your message should be as simple and consistent as possible in all areas of marketing, where you choose to ensure that when people think about your brand, their perception is consistent with that of your company. Smith at S&A Cherokee says your brand should be visible in good times and bad. This saves money and avoids confusion about what your brand represents in the market,” says Roach. It’s better to choose a communication tool that’s easy to deploy and deliver,” says Kirsten Dixon, a personal brand strategist from Boston. If you’re trying to influence key decision makers or attract and retain the best people, consider the following corporate brand management tips. Dixon believes that the most important thing is the presence of a website that serves as a link to a reference site, a portfolio of evidence of the effectiveness of the content and the CEO’s blogs, filled with relevant keywords. According to Sam Wals, founder and president of Sam Waltz & Associates Business and Communications Counsel in Wilmington, Delaware, most audiences are too demanding to be distracted by attractive projects that put designers ahead of executives rather than brands.

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