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Prior to the launch of, Google Star Mainstreet‘s average score was 2.4 and dropped to 4.0 about a month after the platform was implemented. “The platform has allowed us to create opportunities with our residents that would otherwise not have left us points,” Sausedo said, noting that residents tend to only leave points when they have negative experiences. Erickson said Cortland’s own research shows that ratings have a big impact on how many residents are willing to pay, so the company is focusing on increasing Google’s ratings and improving Google’s star ratings. “We manage 22,000 homes across the country, single-family homes in 19 states in 31 different markets, and every market has a Google page,” said Adam Saucedo, brand reputation manager for Mainstreet. can help you get to know and find real estate management companies, occupy homes and get permanent residents to work for them online. After leading several discussion groups, Mr. Sausedo’s team learned that Google rankings have the greatest impact on potential Mainstreet residents and job seekers. “We looked at the compensation people do when it comes to Google’s ratings and rental costs, and found that tenants are willing to consider apartments that cost $50 more per month just because they have a 4.1 star rating instead of a 3.9,” Sausedo said. The company generates more than 13,000 ratings per month on “We thought we should treat the ratings with the same urgency as voice mail or face-to-face meetings with residents, and Ericson also wanted to combine the test data with phone calls and resident email information. “Using the press panel, we were able to post before, during and after the storm to support our local teams,” Hollisi said. “When I arrived in mid-2017, I realized the reputation management platform we were using had many technical limitations,” “he” said. Join thousands of colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, research optimization, customer experience and more. According to the study, 94% of users looking for their assets read the analysis online. “The platform collects ratings and search data and transmits that information to the action module,” “he” said. “We were able to collect more information from our residents and increase the number of online consultations, which allowed us to attract new residents and exceptional talent,” “he” said.

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