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Brand voice” statistics show that customers are more likely to buy products and services from brands that have a unique voice and regularly share their content. Creating useful content and sharing it regularly is a great way to increase your brand awareness and communicate your company’s values to existing and potential customers. We recommend using social media and professional branding techniques to send a consistent but dynamic message to consumers every day. Branding your company means sharing your brand values with your customers and building trust with them. As Curatti’s brand statistics remind us, a brand is the sum of people’s impressions of your company. Man Made Music’s audio branding statistics show that consumers are 46% more likely to favor your brand over competitors if a recognizable tune is associated with it. If your product packaging, social media messages, website and promotional materials convey a consistent message about your brand identity and core values, you have a better chance of success. But HubSpot’s brand statistics show that most people prefer brands that are authentic and honest online. Especially when it comes to food and personal care products, consumers appreciate companies that are honest about the ingredients used, as Label Insight’s statistics on brand loyalty show. Kettle Fire statistics show that nearly half of U.S. consumers turn to their favorite brand during the holidays. Brand consistency statistics published by Demand Metric show that permanently featured brands are 3.5 times more visible to consumers. Research shows that consumers want quality products they can afford and a consistent brand experience with every interaction, regardless of channel. It may seem odd to make sales promotion an afterthought, but as most brand managers already know, building audience and trust is a great branding strategy.

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