Brand Licensing Audits – The Blake project will work with

The Blake project will work with you to evaluate the new categories in which your brand can be included, the business areas that your brand will generate through brand licensing, and the royalty income that you can expect from your company. Our optimization audit is designed to show whether your brand licensing program is really optimized, and if not, what steps you can take to fill in the biggest gaps. You understand well all the hidden risks associated with your brand licensing program and their possible impact on profitability. Second, you may have a running licensing program that has been running for some time, and you are wondering if it is completely optimized. The audit clearly identified the return on investment in the brand licensing program. Let’s consider how much it will cost to launch the program inside the company or to use a brand licensing agency. In both cases, this should be seen as an audit of the brand licensing program. First you could consider creating a trademark licensing program within a few months or even years. The audit will focus on how you can use the market power of your brand to generate royalties for your business, expanding the brand to new categories where your customers and consumers expect it. However, you may hesitate because you simply don’t know how much royalty your brand can generate, and whether the royalty will pay off your investment to make this program profitable for your business. The ROI forecast is calculated by dividing the accumulated royalties to be paid during the third year of marketing by the total cost of launching the program. Or you can ask if you can expand the program to include new areas of activity. If you think that your royalties are evenly distributed among the licensees, you may wonder if the majority of your revenues come from one or two retailers. You can ask if the majority of your licensing revenue comes from one or two licensees. We then assess the cost of addressing these risks and how quickly you should act. Specific comments are important for this analysis.

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