Bob Ehrlich – How else could one characterize a government

How else could one characterize a government that only sympathetically supported the 2009 Iranian street protests, gave $1.7 billion in cash to the three mullahs’ planes, and signed a highly problematic nuclear deal that allowed Tehran to aggressively reinforce its ballistic missile program. Trump imposed new sanctions against the regime, leading to Iranian adventures and provocations against Saudi and Western interests in the region. President Trump’s State of the Union address contained a long list of political achievements, much to the chagrin of Washington officials. Despite these mixed short-term results, the fact remains that after decades of failed inter-party negotiations with the Chinese, an American government has taken action. Government policy has changed, so that migrants in Mexico have had to wait until the date of their trial in immigration court. The end result has been disconcerting: caravans of South American migrants have crossed a disinterested Mexico in the hope of easily entering an unprepared America. It should be noted that last summer’s siege of the southern border would have been a story invented by an anti-immigrant president. However, the sanctions have had a negative effect on the Iranian economy, as growth contracted by almost 10% in 2019. After the indictment, Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign will remind voters of the “record”. “They still count.

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