BigQuery Export – The first step is obvious: to export data

The first step is obvious: to export data to Firebase you need the Google Analytics: App + Web property. To do this, you need to visit the BigQuery console for your project and then open it in your browser. Don’t forget to read the export schedule of the BigQuery table for Firebase to learn how to align the BigQuery table data. Well, there is a caveat: of course, you will have to pay for using BigQuery and upgrading to a Blaze Firebase plan.S., you can create a BigQuery record to select the data location. Google Analytics: The App+Web interface and reporting capabilities leave much to be desired, but exporting BigQuery significantly compensates for the interface limitations. It’s great that this “free” BigQuery export is available for our Firebase analysis projects. In the Firebase console, go to the project settings and click Integrations again. This is a bit stupid but in order for the export to work, you need to create an application in the project. To make sure it works and is integrated with Firebase, go to the Firebase console, open your project and go to Project Settings. Here you enter the property of the ID of step 1 because you must specify the name of the entry accordingly.

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