B2B Social Media – There is good news and bad news for

There is good news and bad news for companies who want to work with the influential media for their business-to-business marketing strategy in 2020. N.G. Gordon writes, talks and advises on the influence of social media and influencing marketing, such as DearMishuDad Let me start with the good news: B2B Influence Marketing has become “one thing”; it’s vibrant and available as a tactic that you can use as part of your marketing strategy. Because social media has become a public place in many ways, we all get information and to some extent listen to the influencers of social media. When 83% of consumers say this about their purchase decisions, this is even more true for entrepreneurs: 91% of them say they made a purchase decision based on their word. Although our attention is limited, influencers generally get more attention. Based on this analysis, I have formulated some conclusions and recommendations. Below are some high-level conclusions and five examples of best practices that I recommend to B2B traders. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that your listeners want to listen to the people they trust and not to what they do.

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